Social and Political Life III, Public Facilities - Class VIII, NCERT Civics - Solutions of CBSE Sample Questions


Class VIII, NCERT Civics - Social and Political Life III


Solutions of CBSE Additional Sample Questions

Question.1: Do you think that lack of access to proper sanitation facilities affects people’s lives? How?
Solution: Yes, lack of access to proper sanitation facilities can cause water-borne diseases. Lack of proper sanitation facilities affects women and girls more acutely since it becomes more difficult for them to perform these activities in open space.

Question.2: Why does water flow trickle in summer in most places in India?
Solution: Demand of water rises during summer whereas the generation of water remains same or decreases in this season. People need more water for drinking and other household purposes. Farmers need more water for irrigation and for their cattle. Level of ground water goes down in many places making it difficult to explore water during summer season. Due to evaporation loss of water also increases in summer. So, all these are reasons because of which water flow trickle in most places in India during summer.

Question.3: We should allow private companies to take over the task of water supply. Do you think this would be a right step? What do you think will happen if the Government withdraws from the task of supplying water?
Solution: No, I do not think this will not be a right step. Because if the Government withdraws from the task of supplying water and allow private companies then there will be a steep rise in the price of water making it unaffordable for most of the people. Thus, many people especially the poor will be deprived of one of their basic needs, safe drinking water.   
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