Class 11 Snapshots, The Address - Lesson 2, English Supplementary Reader - NCERT Solutions - Answers of CBSE Sample Questions


Class 11, NCERT English Supplementary Reader

Lesson 2, Snapshots - The Address

Solutions of CBSE Guess Sample Questions

Question 1.Why did the narrator go to Number 46, Marconi Street?

Question 2. "I was in a room I knew and did not know", says the narrator in the story 'The Address'. What prompted her to make this observation?

Question 3. "Of all the things I had to forget, that would be the easiest." What does the speaker mean by ‘that’? What is its significance in the story?

Question 4. Who is Mrs. Dorling? Do you justify her behaviour in the story?

Question 5. Why did the narrator of the story “The Address” feel that she had rung the wrong bell? How was she then assured that she was at the right place?

Question 6. Comment on the significance of the title of the story 'The Address'. OR, 
Justify the title of the short story “The Address”.

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