Class 8, Honeydew, Geography Lesson - NCERT Solutions and Answers of English Textbook Chapter Exercise Questions


Class 8, NCERT (CBSE) English - HONEYDEW

Chapter 2P, Geography Lesson (Poem)

Answers of NCERT textbook chapter exercise (Important Questions Only)

Question.2: Seen from the window of an aeroplane, the city appears . . . .
Answer: (iii) as developed as necessary
Question.3: Which of the following statements are examples of ‘the logic of geography’?
Answer: (i), (iii) and (iv) are the correct statements.
Question.4: Mention two things that are
    (i)        clear from the height
   (ii)        not clear from the height
    (i)        The earth is round and that it has more sea than land are clear from the height.
   (ii)        Why men hate each other and build walls across the cities to kill each other is not clear.

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