Honeydew, 8 English, Cbse Ncert Guide, Chapter 9 The Great Stone Face-I | Answers of sample questions


Class 8, NCERT English

Chapter 9, Honeydew

The Great Stone Face I

CBSE sample questions - answers

Question: What did Ernest’s mother tell him about an old prophecy?
Answer: Ernest’s mother told him that there was an old prophecy concerning the Great Stone Face. It was that at some day in future a child should born in that valley who was destined to become the greatest and noblest person of his time and whose face, in manhood, should resemble to the Great Stone Face.   
Question: How did the child Earnest react to his mother’s story about the Great Stone Face?  
Answer: Ernest became very happy after hearing the story. He was so excited that he clapped his hands with pleasure. Earnest told his mother that he would live to see the man with face like the Great Stone Face

Question: When and how did Earnest first hear of the Great Stone Face?
Answer: Earnest heard about the Great Stone Face when he was a little boy.
Once when he was sitting with his mother at the door of their house, he noticed the Great Stone Face. Then his mother told him about the story.

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