Class 7, An Alien Hand - Ncert Cbse Guide - Solutions of English Supplementary Reader - A Tiger in the House



Class VII, Ncert Cbse English Supplementary Reader

Comprehension Check (Important Questions only)

Question.1: Complete the following sentences:
     (i)            Toto climbed up the curtains when  _____________.
   (ii)            _______________, I became one of the tiger’s favourites.
 (iii)            Timothy had clean habits, _____________.
     (i)            Timothy lost his temper.
   (ii)            When I came to live to grandfather
 (iii)            and would scrub his face with his paws exactly like a cat.

Exercises (Important Questions only)

Question.1: Where was the little tiger cub hiding grandfather found him?
Solution: When grandfather found the little tiger cub, it was hiding among the intricate roots of a banyan tree.

     (i)            What did Toto do to entertain Timothy?
   (ii)            What did he do when Timothy lost his temper?
     (i)            Toto was a monkey and Timothy’s companion. He would tease Timothy and pull his tail.
   (ii)            When Timothy lost his temper, Toto used to climb up the curtains and get beyond his reach.

Question.4: Where was Timothy most comfortable during the day? Where was he during the night?
Solution: Timothy felt most comfortable on the long sofa in the drawing room during the day. At night he slept in the quarters of Mahmoud, the cook.

Question.5: What was grandmother’s prophecy about the cook? Did it come true?
Solution: Seeing the change in Timothy’s behavior, grandmother feared that one day Timothy might get violent and kill and eat up Mahmoud, the cook. However, it never came true. 

Question.6: What made grandfather decide to transfer Timothy to the zoo?
Solution: As Timothy grew up, he became less friendly. When he was about six months old, a change came over him. He killed and ate up hens at night. He started looking dangerous. He started following the cook, Mahmoud with evil intentions. Sensing the danger of keeping a grown up and dangerous tiger in the home, grandfather decided to transfer Timothy to the zoo.

Additional Hot Questions 

Question.1: What was Grandfather’s experience when he visited the zoo a second time to see how Timothy was getting on?
Solution: When Grandfather visited the zoo a second time, he saw a fully grown tiger living in the same cage where he left his Timothy enclosed last time. So, believing him to be Timothy, he put his arms through the cage bars patted the tiger’s head and slapped his mouth. The animal licked his arms with great relish. But when a zoo-keeper informed him that the tiger was a dangerous one, caught only a month back and that his Timothy had died of pneumonia two months back, Grandfather became shocked.    

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