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F.1. How I Taught My Grandmother To Read

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CBSE Guess Short Answer Questions (2 - 3 Marks)

Question.1: 'Kashi Yatre' is the story of an old lady and her ardent desire to go to Kashi. Why did she wish to go to Kashi?
SOLUTION: Most Hindus believe that visiting Kashi and worshiping Lord Vishweshwara there is the ultimate punya (sacred deed) that every Hindu should try to do in lifetime. The old lady also believed this and hence, wished to go Kashi.

Question.2: Why did the grandmother wait eagerly for each episode of 'Kashi Yatre'?
SOLUTION: Like the old lady in the story ‘Kashi Yatre’, the grandmother had not been to Kashi. The grandmother identified herself with the old lady and her struggle. She was always eager to know whether she was able to go to Kashi. So she waited to know what happened in the next episode.

Question.3: Why could grandmother not go to school when she was a child?
SOLUTION: When grandmother was a child she lost her mother. Her father married again. Neither her father nor the stepmother cared for her education. Besides, in those days girl’s education was not considered as essential as it is done today.

Question.4: How did the grandmother try to read the story while the narrator was in the neighbouring village?
SOLUTION: The magazine arrived as usual. She opened out and rubbed her hands on the pages wishing they could understand what was written. But it was impossible.

Question.5: The grandmother was 62 years old but she was determined to learn to read. How she expressed her determination?
SOLUTION: The grandmother believed that for learning, age is not a criterion. She was determined to learn to read. She said she would overcome any obstacle and work hard. She proved her determination by achieving her goal within the target she had set for herself. 

Question.6: When the narrator came back from the neighbouring village, why was the grandmother in tears?
SOLUTION: The narrator used to read the episode of Kashi Yatre to grandmother. The latest copy of Karmaveera had arrived. The grandmother was eager to hear the latest episode but she could find nobody to read it to her. She felt very helpless.

CBSE Guess Long Answer Questions (3 - 5 Marks)

Question.7: In the story of the novel 'Kashi Yatre' the old lady had an ardent desire to go to Kashi. Why did she give it up?
SOLUTION: The old lady in the story of the novel had an ardent desire to go to Kashi because she believed that worshipping Lord Vishweshwara there was the ultimate punya. She saved money to accomplish her desire. There was an orphan girl who wished to marry a  young man but she had njp money for her wedding. The old lady gave away all her savings for the wedding and gave up her idea pod going to Kashi. She thought that the happiness of the orphan girl was more important than worshipping Lord Vishweshwara at Kashi.

Question.8: How did the grandmother honour her teacher?
SOLUTION: The granddaughter was grandmother's teacher. Both of them worked hard sincerely and within a short time the grandmother was able to read well. On Saraswati Pooja day the grandmother gave her teacher a gift and also honoured her by touching her feet. It was unusual since traditionally the young touch the feet of their elders. But the grandmother explained that she was touching the feet of her teacher, not her granddaughter. She said a teacher should be respected, irrespective of the gender and age.
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