Class 8, Honeydew, Ncert Cbse English Guide, The Ant and The Cricket - Sample Questions


NCERT (CBSE) Solutions

Class 8, English Honeydew

The Ant and The Cricket

Sample Questions from Important Stanzas
Q.1: “Says the ant . . . . . Quoth the cricket, “Not I !
     (a)      The ant speaks of a principle of his clan. What is it?
     (b)      What should the cricket have done according to the ant?
     (c)      What did the cricket reply?
Q.2: “My heart, . . . . . .”and dance winter away.”
     (a)      Whose heart is light?
     (b)      What did he do?
     (c)      How did nature appear then?
     (d)      Give the meaning of the phrase “dance winter away.”

Sample Questions
Q.1: Why does the poet call the cricket in the poem ‘silly’?
Q.2: What does the poet mean when he says: “Some crickets have four legs and some have two.”
The Ant and The Cricket - further study

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