Solutions of Cbse Ncert History sample questions | Class IX, India and the Contemporary World I - The French Revolution


Class 9, The French Revolution
NCERT History, India and the Contemporary World I
Solutions of CBSE Sample Questions
(following latest CCE scheme of Examination)
Q.1: Identify Louis XVI, telling the part played by him in the French Revolution.
Solution: Louis XVI was a despotic ruler of France. He was a man of moderate intelligence and was obstinate. He was deposed during the French Revolution in 1789, and subsequently, executed in 1793 A.D.
Q.2: Identify Napoleon, telling the part played by him in the French Revolution. Or,
What was the role of Napoleon in the French Revolution? Limit your answer within 100 words.
Solution: Napoleon was a great French general, who won many battles for the revolutionary France and raised his nation’s prestige. There was a time when he had become a terror for all the European monarchs. But, in the end, his limited resources collapsed in the face of Fourth Coalition of the European nations. He was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 A.D. was sent as a prisoner to spend his last days at the small island of St. Helena where he died unsung in the year 1821 A.D. 
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