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Class 8, English NCERT (CBSE) Guide


Chapter 1, The Best Christmas Present in the World

 CBSE Sample Questions with Answers

Question.1: Why did the author buy the desk which was in bad condition?
Answer: The author bought the desk although it was in a bad condition. He did so because he had always wanted to get roll-top desk. This was cheap and so he could afford it. Moreover, he felt that he could restore it to its original glory.

Question.2: How did Hans Wolf know Dorset?
Answer: Hans Wolf learnt about Dorset from a novel called ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’. It is written by Hardy. Hardy was Hans Wolf’s favourite author.

Question.3: How did Mrs. Macpherson behave when the author met her?
Answer: When the author went to Mrs. Macpherson, she was gazing out at the garden. As the author said ‘Hello’, she looked at him vacantly. But she fixed her eyes on him (author) when he took out the letter and gave it to her. Her eyes lit up in recognition of that letter. There was a glow of happiness on her face as she was delighted visibly. The author spoke in detail about how he happened to find that letter. But she was not listening. She said nothing but stroke the letter tenderly. Then there were tears in her eyes as she mistook the author for her husband. She made the author to sit beside her and kissed his cheeks showing love and affection. 

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