7th Cbse Ncert Sample Questions | Wastewater Story, Ncert Science


CBSE Class VII, Science (NCERT)
Sample questions with their Solutions (as per latest CCE scheme of examinations of CBSE)
Important Short Type Questions with Solutions

Q.1: Which decade has been decided for action on “Water for Life”?

Solution: It is 2005 - 2015.

Q.2: By which name the toilets in which human excreta are treated by earthworms is called?

Solution: Vermi-processing toilet.

Q.3: Fill in the blanks:
  1. _______ is generated in homes, industries, agricultural fields and in other human activities. This is called _______.
  2. Sewage is a liquid waste which causes ______ and ____ pollution.
  3. Wastewater is treated in _______ treatment plant.
  4. By-products of wastewater treatment are ______ and _______.
  5. ________ of water can be removed by boiling it or treating it with washing soda.
  6. Cleaning of waste water is commonly known as ________.

Solution: a. wastewater, sewage. b. water, soil. c. sewage. d. sludge, biogas. e. hardness. f. sewage treatment. 

Q.4: What is ‘Sanitation’?

Solution: The proper disposal of sewage and garbage from the houses and other sources like industries etc. is called ‘Sanitation’.

Q.5: What is ‘Chlorination’?

Solution: It is the process of adding bleaching powder to water. Water can be made suitable for drinking purpose by chlorination.

Important Long Type Questions with Solutions

Q.1: What are different methods to make water potable (fit for drinking)?

Solution: We use different methods in our homes to make water potable. Water obtained from the source is filtered before use. Those who depend on wells for the supply of water pot a few crystals of potassium permanganate into the well. Bleaching powder chlorine tablets are also used to make water fit for drinking. Now-a-days machines are available for water purification in which water is passed through carbon filter, ultra-violet ray or through Reverse Osmosis process.

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  1. Q.1: Which decade has been decided for action on “Water for Life”?