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 Class VIII Social (Civics) Chapter 7, Social and Political Life - III
NCERT (CBSE) Solutions of Textbook Exercise Question

Q.1: Write in your own words two or more sentences of what you understand by the word ‘marginalisation’.
Ans: The word ‘marginalisation’ simply means exclusion from the mainstream. Marginalisation of any community or a person can be because of many reasons like -
(a) Speaking a different language,
(b) Following different customs,
(c) Belonging to different religious group from the majority community etc.
Marginalisation is linked to experiencing disadvantage, prejudice, poverty and powerlessness. It is a complex phenomenon which results into a low social status, not having equal access to education and other resources.    
Q.2: List two reasons why Adivasis are becoming increasingly marginalised.
Ans: The two reasons why Adivasis are becoming increasingly marginalised are:
(i) The people often wrongly believe that Adivasis are exotic, primitive and backward.
(ii) That often Adivasis are blamed for their lack of advancement as they are believed to be resistant to change or new ideas.  
Q.3: Write one reason why you think the Constitution’s safeguards to protect minority communities are very important ?
Ans: Constitutional safeguards for minority communities are very important since these protect them against the possibility of being culturally dominated by the majority as well as to guard them against any discrimination and disadvantage that they may face. The Constitution provides these safeguards because it is committed to protecting India’s cultural diversity and promoting equality and justice for all.   
Q.4: Re-read the section on Minorities and Marginalisation. What do you understand by the term minority ? 
Ans: Minority is the term which means the communities which are small in number in comparison to the communities which are more in number. For example, Muslims are in minority in comparison to Hindus.  
Q.6: Imagine that you are watching the Republic Day Parade on TV with a friend and she remarks, “Look at these tribals. They look so exotic. And they seem to be to be dancing all the time.” List three things that you would tell her about the lives of Adivasis in India. 
Ans: The concepts about Adivasis which people have, is far from reality. The concepts and the reasons behind this can be best described as follows:
(a) Lives of Adivasis are actually very rich but people seem to know very little about the realties of their lives.
(b) They are usually shown in sympathetically in colourful costumes, headgear and dancing.
(c) Often people wrongly believe that Adivasis are exotic, primitive, backward and immune to development.  
Q.8: Would you agree with the statement that economic and social marginalisation are interlinked ? Why ?
Ans: Yes, economic and social marginalisations are interlinked. This can be described by the following points:
=> The minorities are rendered marginalised economically because they are not allowed access to the benefits of economic development.
=> When there is no economic development the minorities do not develop socially. Their society does no experience the fruits of social development. They remain backward.
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