Chapter 5, Social and Political Life II - Women Change the World | NCERT (CBSE) Class VII Social Science | Model Questions


Cbse Board, Class 7, Ncert Social Science (Civics)
Women Change the World
CCE type sample questions - answers
Q.1: Why was learning the alphabet so important to women? Discuss.

Answer: Learning the alphabet so important to women because they were not allowed get education under any circumstances. Unlike Rashsundari Devi & Rokeya Hossain, who were not allowed to learn to read & write, large number of girls attend school in India today. Despite this, there continue to be many girls who leave school for reasons of poverty, inadequate schooling facilities and discrimination. Providing equal schooling facilities to children from all communities and class backgrounds, and particularly girls, continues to be a challenge in India even today. Learning of alphabet or getting education for women is equally important as men. Because after getting education only, they can fulfill their dream and achieve their goals in life, and also contribute to the society.

Q.2: What did learning to read and write led some women to?

Answer: Learning to read and write led some women to do so many things like –
  1. To question the situation of the women in society. 
  2. They wrote stories, letters and autobiographies and described their own experiences of    inequality. 
  3. In their writings, they also imagined new ways of thinking and living for both men and women.
Q.3: Describe the changes in the learning system during the 19th century?

Answer: In the 19th century, many new ideas about education and learning emerged. Schools became more common and communities that had never learned reading & writing started sending their children school. But there was a lot of opposition to educating girls even then. 

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