Chemistry Class X, NCERT (CBSE) Science Multiple Choice Questions | Carbon and its Compounds - MCQs (Part I)


Class 10, Ncert Cbse Science
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) (Part - I) 
Q.1: Which of the following is not a saturated hydrocarbon ?
(a) cyclohexane (b) benzene (c) butane (d) isobutane
Q.2: The bond between two identical nonmetallic atom has a pair of electron ?
(a) unequally shared between two atoms
(b) transferred completely from one atom to another
(c) With identical spins
(d) Equally shared between them
Q.3: Covalent compounds are generally –
(a) Soluble in water  (b) insoluble in water 
(c) Ionize in water (d) hydrolyse in water
Q.4: Propane with molecular formula C3H8 has –
(a) 7 covalent bonds (b) 8 covalent bonds
(c) 9 covalent bonds (d) 10 covalent bonds
Q.5: A hydrocarbon reacts with ammonical cuprous chloride solution to form a red precipitate, the hydrocarbon is ­–
(a) Ethane (b) ethane (c) butane (d) 1-propyne
Q.6: Which of the following substance is added to denature Ethanol?
(a) Methanol (b) pyridine (c) copper sulphate (d) all of these
Q.7: Which of the following is not an allotropic form of carbon ?
(a) fluorine (b) fullerene (c) diamond (d) graphite
Q.8: Which of the following represents the correct deceasing order of hydrogen atoms ?
(a) alkanes, alkenes, alkynes  (b) alkanes, alkynes, alkenes
(c) alkenes, alkynes, alkanes  (d) alkynes, alkanes, alkenes
Q.9: Detergents are sodium or potassium salts of long chain of :
(a) aldehydes (b) ketones (c) carboxylic acid (d) sulphonic acid
Q.10: Which of the following represents the structure of N2 molecule ?

Q.11: In double covalent bond there is a sharing of
(a) 2 electrons (b) 4 electrons (c) 6 electrons (d) 3 electrons
Q.12: Cation is formed when
(a) atom gains electrons (b) atom losses electrons
(c) proton is lost by the atom (d) atom shared by electrons
Q.13: The total number of electrons that take part in forming a bond in N2 is
(a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 6 (d) 10
Q.14: Which of the following has the weakest carbon-carbon strength ?
(a) C2H2  (b) C2H4  (c) C2H6  (d) all have the same bond strength 
Q.15: Which of the following salt when dissolved in water produce hard water ?
(a) calcium sulphate (b) magnesium bicarbonate (c) calcium chloride (d) any of the above.

Answers: 1-b. 2-d. 3-b. 4-d. 5-d. 6-d. 7-a. 8-a. 9-d. 10-a. 11-b. 12-b. 13-c. 14-a. 15-d.
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