Class 9, Democratic Politics-I | Electoral Politics, Chapter 5 NCERT (CBSE) Political Science | Hot Practice Questions - Solutions


ELECTORAL POLITICS (Democratic Politics – I)

Class 9, NCERT Social (Political Science)

CCS type CBSE Sample Questions - NCERT Solutions

Question.1: Do you think that educational qualifications should be made necessary for the voters / contestants. Give arguments in support of your answer.
Question.2: What is a reserved constituency? Why do we have reserved constituencies?
Question.3: What do you mean by ‘Election’ and ‘Constituency’?
Question.4: What is ‘Electoral Roll’?
Question.5: What makes an election democratic?
Question.6: Why symbols are allotted to the candidates or political parties? OR,
       Mention the importance of symbols allotted to the political parties.
Question.7: Describe the significance of the Election Commission in organizing free and fair elections in India. OR,
       What are the functions of the Election Commission in India?    
Question.8: What is a Universal Adult Franchise? Give some reasons as to why it has been adopted in India.

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