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NCERT Class X English (Communicative) - Literature Reader
CBSE syllabus (latest CCE pattern)
Sample Questions - Answers
Q.1: What efforts did the grandmother make to give a home away from home to her grand-children?   
Q.2: What did the guide mean when he said, “Must move like animals among animals”?
Q.3: Why did the grandmother decide to move with the rest of the group instead of waiting for her husband?
Q.4: Explain the statement made by the narrator, “I say grandmother before grandfather because it’s like that”. OR, Why does the narrator take her grandmother’s name before her grandfather’s ?
Q.5: Why did the narrator want to go back to her village?
Q.6: Why has the narrator named this as “The Ultimate Safari” ?
Q.7: Why did the grandmother not want to return to her village in Mozambique?  
Q.8: Write a few lines about the character of the narrator of the story, “The Ultimate Safari”.  
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