CBSE (CCE) Guess Paper for 10th Std English Formative Assessment – III (F 3) | Class X NCERT Sample Paper English (Communicative)


CBSE – CCE - NCERT Formative Assessment 3 (FA-III)
Class 10 English (Communicative)
(Sample question Paper 2 | Guess Paper 2 | Practice Paper 2)
Time: 1 ½ Hours           
M.M.: 40
1. Attempt all questions of each group.
2. The question paper is divided into four sections –
Section A : Reading – 10 Marks
Section B : Writing – 10 Marks
Section C : Grammar – 10 Marks
Section D : Literature – 10 Marks
3. Questions of particular section must be in correct order.

Section – A [Reading]
CBSE 10th English Sample Practice Paper 1
A1. In front of enormous Shibuya train station in Tokyo, there is a life size bronze statue of a dog. Even though the statue is very small when compared to the huge neon signs flashing, it isn’t difficult to find. It has been used as a meeting point since 1934 and today you will find hundreds of people waiting there for their friends to arrive. Hachiko, an Akita dog, was born in 1923 and brought to Tokyo in 1924. His owner Prof. Eisaburo Uyeno and he were inseparable friends right from the start. Each day Hechiko would accompany his owner , a Prof. at the Imperial University, to Shibuya train station when he left for work. When he came back, the Prof. would always find the dog patiently waiting for him. Sadly, the Prof. died suddenly at work in 1925 before he could return home.
      Although Hachiko was still a young dog, the bond between him and his owner was very strong and he continued to wait at the station everyday. Sometimes, he would stay there for days at a time, though some believe that he kept returning because of the food he was given by street vendors. He became a familiar sight to commuters over time. In 1934, a statue of him was put outside the station. In 1935, Hachiko died at the place he last saw his friend alive.
On the basis of reading the above passage give the answer of the following questions from given options –
A. The statue of Hachiko is
(1) enormous  (2) tiny  (3) life-size  (4) big
B. It is not difficult to find the statue because
(1) there are so many people
(2) there are huge neon signs
(3) there are a lot of dogs
(4)  there are too many trains.
C. The owner of Hachiko was
(1) station master
(2) nursery teacher
(3) university teacher
(4) high school teacher
D. The Prof. died in
(1) 1923  (2) 1924  (3) 1925  (4) 1934.
E. The dog waited everyday at the station
(1) for food
(2) for his master to return
(3) for people to P at him
(4) for commuters look at him.
I can hear them
And they’re no longer there.
Crying for a hand
That I could not spare.
I can see them,
Though I will not look
Reaching for the time
That I never took
I can feel them
Pulling at my stay
Asking me to stay
Knowing that I would leave
And there is no way
That I could help them all
But can I even say
When all is said and done
That when I had a way
I stopped to help just one?
On the basis of reading the above passage, give the answer of following questions from given alternatives –
A. Charity means
(1) an act of humility
(2) an act of generosity
(3) an act of stupidity
(4) an act of manners
B. “Crying for hand” means
(1) asking for hand
(2) asking for help
(3) asking for a favour
(4) asking for money
C. Who is “them” referred to in the poem?
(1) the needy
(2) the rich
(3) the gives
(4) the general public
D. What has the narrator done?
(1) He gave his hand
(2) He gave time
(3) He didn’t wait for them
(4) He helped one person
E. How does the narrator feel?
(1) happy   (2) sad   (3) helpless   (4) left out.
Section – B [Writing]
Ncert Cbse Board Xth English Guess Paper 1
B1. On the occasion of Holi Celebrations at your colony club, all colony members had participated. A short cultural programme was organized with some dancers, songs and skit. Then, as the secretary of the club, you applied a Holi Tilak on everyone’s forehead. This was then followed by a lunch. Write a factual description of the event in about 80-100 words to be published in your colony’s newsletter.                                        [4]
B2. Your friend met with an accident. You rushed him/her to nearby Government Hospital. But the kind of treatment and facilities available and facilities available at the hospital left you disillusioned about the healthcare available to the common man. Send an email to the Chief Medical Officer highlighting the condition of Govt. Hospital and the need to bring changes into the system.
=> Describe why he / she was in hospital.
=> Complain about the poor service he / she received.
=> Say what action you would like the hospital staff to take.                                              [6]    
Section – C [Grammar]
CBSE English Communicative | Class 10 Practice Test Paper 1
C1. Read the following conversation and complete it by choosing the correct answer from the given below –
Interviewer: Why do you want to be a teacher/
Smita: I like the profession and wish to share my knowledge with children.
Interviewer: (a) ___________ in serving in a co-educational school?
Smita: No sir, I don’t have any problem.
Interviewer: What (b) _________ can teach?
Smita: I can teach English and Social Studies.
Interviewer: We (c) ________.
Smita: It would be even better to teach them sir.
Interviewer: All right then. You (d) _________ our school from Monday.
Smita: Thank you, sir. Good day to you.
(a) (i) Do you have a problem
(ii) Did you have a problem
(iii) Don’t you have a problem
(iv) Didn’t you have a problem
(b) (i) are the subjects that you
(ii) were the subjects you
(iii) will be subjects that you
(iv) was the subjects you
(c) (i) give you junior classes
(ii) may give you junior classes
(iii) would give you junior classes
(iv) are give you junior classes
(d) (i) will joined
(ii) may join
(iii) shall joined
(iv) can join
C2. Read the following conversation and complete it in reported speech by choosing the correct options given below –
Patient: Can I have an appointment with the doctor this evening?
Receptionist: I’m sorry.  I can’t fit you in for at least two weeks.
Patient: But I could be dead by then.
Receptionist: No problem. If your wife informs me I will cancel the appointment.
A patient went to his doctor’s clinic and requested the receptionist for an appointment with the doctor that evening. The receptionist apologized saying that (a) ___________ in for at least two weeks. The disappointed patient said that (b) _________ by then. The receptionist calmly replied that (c) __________ and reassuired him that (d) __________ cancel the appointment.
(a) (i) She can’t fit you
(ii) She couldn’t fit him
(iii) She can’t fit him
(iv) She couldn’t fit you.
(b) (i) he could have been dead
(ii) he can be dead
(iii) he may be dead
(iv) he could be dead
(c) (i) it can’t be a problem
(ii) it won’t be a problem
(iii) it isn’t be a problem
(iv) it wasn’t be a problem
(d) (i) If his wife informs her she will
(ii) If your wife informed her she would
(iii) If her wife informed her she would
(iv) If your wife informed her she will
C3. Using the information in the headlines, complete the sentence by choosing the correct answer from the options below –
A. Dengue claims season’s first victim
Ten years old boy __________ late on Wednesday right at the Hope Hospital.
(i) Becoming Dengue’s first victim
(ii) Will become Dengue’s first victim.
(iii) Became Dengue’s first victim.
(iv) Becomes Dengue’s first victim.
B. Govt. to frame policy for the disabled soon.
The center _______________ for persons with disability.
(i) Will decide to frame policy.
(ii) Had decided to frame policy.
(iii) Have decided to frame policy.
(iv) Has decided to frame policy.
Section – C [Literature]
Class 10 NCERT English Communicative Guess Question Paper 1
D1. Read the following extracts and answer the question by choosing the most appropriate option. Each question carries one mark.
(a) “Cowards die many times before their death
The valiant never taste of death but once.”
The quality of Caesar highlighted through these lines is –
(i) optimism  (ii) bravery  (iii) pride   (iv) arrogance
(b) “Cowards die many times before their deaths” means
(i) Cowards die several times in their lifetime
(ii) Cowards are terrified and don’t live their life properly
(iii) Cowards lead a death like existence
(iv) Cowards waste their precious life being afraid of and anticipating death.
(c) The valiant never taste of death but once means –
(i) the brave are never faced with death
(ii) the brave never die
(iii) the brave accept death fearlessly
(iv) the brave die only once in a lifetime
D2. Well, poor bird she should have known
That your song must be your own
That’s why I sing with panache
(a) The nightingale is referred as ‘Poor Bird’ means –
(i) she was short of money
(ii) she deserves our sympathy
(iii) she was in debt
(iv) she owned a lot of money to frog
(b) It is evident from the lines that the speaker was
(i) haughty  (ii) condescending  (iii) patronizing  (iv) superior
(c) ‘Your song must be your own’ implies that
(i) you must write your own songs
(ii) you must believe in yourself
 (iii) our self image should be guided by others
 (iv) you should not lead your life by other’s standards
D3. Answer any two questions –                                                 [2 x 2 = 4]
(i) What commotion is noticed by Calpurnia? What is it suggestive of according to her?
(ii) Why do you think the nightingale lost her appeal for the masses?
(iii) What was the reason behind Ali’s transformation?     

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