Class X, Democratic Politics-II | NCERT CBSE Political Science | Chapter 6 Political Parties | CCE Guide (sample questions)


CBSE, Class X, Democratic Politics - II (Political Science)
Sample Questions and Solutions based on CCE pattern (CBSE syllabus)
Q.1: What are the main functions of a political party?  [Long question 3-5 Marks]                     
Q.2: What are the obstructions and challenges faced by political parties? [Long question 3-5 Marks]                     
Q.3: Why do we need political parties? OR,
       What is the necessity of a political party in a democracy? OR
       Why modern democracies can not exist without political parties?  
Q.4: Mention some characteristics of political parties that distinguish them from other groups (parties).
Q.5: Differentiate between a National and a Regional / State party.    
Q.6: What is the role of ‘Opposition’ in democracy?
Q.7: What is meant by ‘Defection’?
Q.8: What are the components of a political party?
Q.9: How do the political parties put forward and implement different policies and programmes?
Q.10: Explain the terms - (a) Affidavit (b) Partisan and Partisanship (c) Election Commission (d) Opposition Party (e) Ruling Party
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