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CBSE Class IX English Communicative
NCERT English Literature Reader
F4. Keeping It From Harold
CCE type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
Read the following extract and answer the following questions by choosing the most appropriate alternative from the options given below:
Q.1: “Ma!” Mrs. Bramble looked up, beaming with a kind of amiable fat – headedness. A domestic creature, wrapped up in Bill, her husband and Harold, her son. At the present moment only the latter was with her.
(a) Who is referred to as a domestic creature?
(i) Mrs. Bramble (ii) Bill (iii) Harold (iv) Major Percy Stokes
(b) What does fat – headedness mean?
(i) Intelligence (ii) Wisdom (iii) Foolishness (iv) Indifference
(c) Who was sitting beside her at that moment?
(i) Bill (ii) Harold (iii) Major Stokes (iv) Mr. Fisher  
Q.2: A slight frown marred the smoothness of Harold Bramble’s brow. It jarred upon him, this habit of his mother’s referring to herself in the third person, as if she were addressing a baby, instead of young man of ten who had taken the spelling and dictation prize last term on his head.
(a) Why did Harold not like his mother’s habit of referring to herself in the third person?
(i) She treated him as if he were a baby. (ii) She treated him as if he were a stranger.
(iii) She treated him as if he were an adult (iv) She treated him as if he were her brother.
(b) How old was Harold?
(i) 7 years (ii) 8 years (iii) 9 years (iv) 10 years.
(c) Harold had taken the spelling and dictation prize. It shows that he        
(i) was good at games (ii) had high IQ (iii) was good at studies (iv) often won prizes.
Q.3: The spectacled child considered the point for a moment gravely. Then, nodding he arranged his books in readiness for his return and went out. The front door closed with a decorous softness.
(a) Harold was spectacled. It means he
(i) was good looking (ii) was ugly (iii) wore glasses (iv) had good eyesight.
(b) What suggestion of his mother did he agree to?
(i) Arranging his books (ii) Reading quietly (iii) Having a walk by the river (iv) Closing the door softly.
(c) Harold closed the door with a decorous softness. This indicates that he was –
(i) well-behaved and sensible (ii) rude and disobedient (iii) lazy and easy-going (iv) always in hurry.   
Q.4: The only drawback was that his very perfection had made necessary a series of evasions and even deliberate falsehoods on the part of herself and her husband, highly distasteful to both. They were lovers of truth, but they had realized that there are times when truth must be sacrificed.  
(a) What ‘perfection’ is referred to here?
(i)  Harold was very good at studies. (ii) Harold was a perfect sportsman.
(iii) Harold was a model of a son. (iv) Harold was devoted to his books and a model of behaviour.
(b) Harold’s parents
(i) always told lies (ii) always spoke the truth
(iii) were compelled to tell lies (iv) would not tell lies at any cost.
Q.5: A little later, when the child had begun to show signs of being about to become a model of goodness and intelligence, and had already taken two prizes at the Sunday-school, the senior curate of the Parish, meeting Mr. Bramble one morning, said nervously – for after all, it was a delicate subject to broach, “Er –Bramble, I think, on the whole, it would be as well to - er - keep it from Harold.
(a) How had Harold shown signs of becoming a model of goodness and intelligence?
(i) Won prize at dictation. (ii) Won two prizes at the Sunday-school.
(iii) Won a prize as the best student at school. (iv) Won a prize reciting poetry.
(b) What did the senior curate advise Mr. Bramble?
(i) To send Harold to a resident school. (ii) To send Harold to a Sunday-school regularly.
(iii) Not to tell Harold about his profession. (iv) Not to let Harold take part in wrestling.
(c) Why did the curate give that advice to Mr. Bramble?
(i) Mr. Bramble’s profession was illegal. (ii) Mr. Bramble’s profession was considered respectable.
(iii) Mr. Bramble’s profession was not considered respectable. (iv) Mr. Bramble was unemployed.        
CCE type Short Answer Questions
Q.6: What was extraordinary about Harold?
Q.7: When Percy and Bill came home, what strange news they give to Mr. Bramble?  
Q.8: What were Jerry Fisher’s feelings for Mr. Bramble when the latter told him that he would not fight any longer at any cost?   
Q.9: What did Brambles think they must hide from Harold? Who else were of the same opinion?
Q.10: What does the writer say about Mr. Bramble’s skill as a professional boxer?
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