Class X Social Science (Economics) | CBSE Syllabus NCERT Textbook (Understanding Economic Development) | Sectors of Indian Economy - Intext and Sample Questions


CBSE Class X NCERT Social Science Economics (Understanding Economic Development)
Class 10, Sectors of Indian Economy
Solutions of NCERT Textbook Exercise
Q.1: Explain the difference between primary, secondary and tertiary sectors using examples other than those mentioned in the text.  
Q.2: Classify the following list of occupations under Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors: Tailor, Workers in match factory, Basket weaver, Money lender, Flower cultivator, Gardener, Milk vendor, Potter, Fisherman, Bee-keeper, Priest, astronaut, Courier, Call center employee.
Q.4: Students in a school are often classified into primary, secondary or junior and senior. What is the criteria that is used ? Do you think this is a useful classification ? Discuss.
Q.6: What does the history of developed countries indicate about the shifts that have taken place between sectors?
Q.7: Choose the correct option:
Underemployment occurs when people
(i) do not want to work
(ii) are working in a lazy manner
(iii) are working less than what they are capable of doing
(iv) are not paid for their work
Q.8: Compare and contrast the changes in India with the pattern that are observed for developed countries. What kinds of changes between sectors were desired but did not happen in India.  
Q.9: Why should we be worried about underemployment?
Q.10: Why do you think NREGA 2005 is referred to as ‘Right to Work’?
Q.11: In what ways can employment be increased in urban areas?
Q.12: What are the differences between job-conditions in organized and unorganized sectors? OR
          How would you distinguish between organized and unorganized sectors ? Explain.
Q.13: Define Gross Domestic Product.
Q.14: What do you understand by the ‘Sectors of an Economy’?
Q.15: How do we classify economy into different sectors?
Q.16: What do understand by the term ‘Underunemployment’? Why ‘Underunemployment’ is also called as Disguised Unemployment?  
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