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Class 10, CBSE Board - NCERT English Solutions
NCERT (CBSE) English Literature Reader (Communicative)
The Letter - by Dhumaketu
Sample Questions
Q.1: How does Ali feel when he sees the wooden arch of the post office building?
Q.2: Why did Ali give Lakshmi Das all the money he had saved?
Q.3: Briefly describe how the post office became a place of pilgrimage for Ali. Also describe the attitude of the others towards him.
Q.4: Describe Ali’s appearance when he came to the post office after a gap of several days.
Q.5: What did the post master and Lakshmi Das do to Ali’s letter?  
Q.6: What problem did the postmaster face? How did this bring a change in him?
(i) In the story ‘The Letter’, Lakshmi Das is touched when Ali gave him five guineas to ensure that his daughter’s letter reach in his grave. He writes a letter to his wife describing Ali’s regular visit to the post office, the humiliation he had to encounter, also relating Ali’s handing over the five gold guineas to him (in 175-200 words).
(ii) Imagine you are the postmaster. Since you have realized the pain Ali has gone through, you are full of remorse. Write a letter to your friend.
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