CBSE NCERT Class 8 Mathematics | Chapter 1, Rational Numbers | NCERT Maths Solutions | Textbook Exercise 1.2


Class VIII, NCERT (CBSE) Mathematics Solution
Rational Numbers between Two Rational Numbers
NCERT Math Exercise 1.2 Solved  
(Page 20)
Question 2: Represent maths image

CBSE | NCERT Mathematics solution

Question 3: Write five rational numbers which are smaller than 2.

2 can be represented as 16/8.
Thus, we can have five rational numbers smaller than 2 as image

Question 4: Find ten rational numbers between maths graphics

The above numbers can be represented as –
NCERT CBSE Maths solutions image

Question 5: Find five rational numbers between

Question 6: Write five rational numbers greater than − 2.

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