CBSE Class X - Economics (Understanding Economic Development) | Chapter 1, Development | In-Text and Middle Questions


Class X, NCERT (CBSE) Economics (Understanding Economic Development)
Chapter - 1, Development
‘Let’s Work These Out’ & In-Text Questions-Answers
Q.1: Why do different persons have different notions of development? Which of the following explanations is more important and why?
   (a) Because people are different.
   (b) Because life situations of persons are different.
Q.2: Do the following two statements mean the same? Justify your answer:
   (a) People have different developmental goals.
   (b) People have conflicting developmental goals.
Q.3: Give some examples where factors other than income are important aspects of our lives.
Q.4: Read this newspaper report and answer the questions that follow:
A vessel dumped 500 tonnes of liquid toxic wastes into open-air dumps in a city and in the surrounding sea. This happened in a city called Abidjan in Ivory Coast, a country in Africa. The fumes from the highly toxic waste caused nausea, skin rashes, fainting, diarrhoea, etc. After a month seven persons were dead, twenty in hospital and twenty six thousand treated for symptoms of poisoning.
A multinational company dealing in petroleum and metals contracted a local company of Ivory Coast to dispose the toxic waste from its ship.  
(i) Who are the people who benefitted and who did not?
(ii) What should be the developmental goal for this country?
Q.5: Based on data given in Table 1.2 (COMPARISON OF TWO COUNTRIES, textbook page 9), calculate the average income for both the countries.
(i) Will you be equally happy to live in both these countries?
(ii) Are both equally developed?
Q.6: Give three examples where an average is used for comparing the situations.
Q.7: Why do you think average income is an important criterion for development? Explain.
Q.8: Beside size of per capita income, what other property of income is important in comparing two or more societies?
Q.9: Suppose records show that the average income in a country has been increasing over a period of time. From this can we conclude that all sections o the economy have become better? Illustrate your answer with an example.  
Q.10: Write a paragraph on your notion of what should India do, or achieve, to become a developed country.

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