Class VII, CBSE (NCERT) Science | Chapter-2, Nutrition in Animals | Sample Questions - Answers


Class VII, CBSE (NCERT) Science
Chapter 2, Nutrition in animals
Sample Questions - Answers
Q.1: What is mastication?
Q.2: What is the role of tongue in our mouth?
Q.3: What is peristalsis?
Q.4: What are secreted inside the stomach?
Q.5: What are the functions of HCl and Pepsin in stomach?
Q.6: Which enzyme is secreted in small intestine?
Q.7: What is secreted from liver?
Q.8: What is egestion?
Q.9: What is digestion?
Q.10: Write short notes (1 or 2 sentences) on -
  (a) Pancreas (b) Liver (c) Oesophagus (d) Remination (e) Pseudopodia
Q.11: What are digestive enzymes?
NCERT (CBSE) Class VII Science, Chapter-2, Nutrition in Animals: Textbook Exercise Answers [Read]

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