Class VII, CBSE (NCERT) Science | Chapter-2, Nutrition in Animals | Sample Questions - Answers


Class VII, CBSE (NCERT) Science
Chapter 2, Nutrition in animals
Sample Questions - Answers
Q.1: What is mastication?
Q.2: What is the role of tongue in our mouth?
Q.3: What is peristalsis?
Q.4: What are secreted inside the stomach?
Q.5: What are the functions of HCl and Pepsin in stomach?
Q.6: Which enzyme is secreted in small intestine?
Q.7: What is secreted from liver?
Q.8: What is egestion?
Q.9: What is digestion?
Q.10: Write short notes (1 or 2 sentences) on -
  (a) Pancreas (b) Liver (c) Oesophagus (d) Remination (e) Pseudopodia
Q.11: What are digestive enzymes?
NCERT (CBSE) Class VII Science, Chapter-2, Nutrition in Animals: Textbook Exercise Answers [Read]

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  1. where are the answers of the of the sample questions?

  2. Hello Akshay Rajmohan thanks for writing and taking interest in this blog. Please check we have posted the answers just awhile ago. We welcome your suggestions as how to make this blog better ... also please write back your experience while surfing through this blog CBSE | NCERT Solutions. Thanks once again.