CLIMATE (Chapter 14,Contemporary India - I) | Class IX, NCERT (CBSE) Geography | Sample Objective Questions


Chapter-14, Contemporary India - I, CLIMATE

Class IX NCERT (CBSE) Social Science (Geography)

CBSE Guess Questions - Answers

Question.1: Give reasons as to why,
(i)      The bulk of rainfall in India is concentrated over a few months. [Textbook Q. No 4 ii]
(ii)    The Tamilnadu coast receives winter rainfall. [Textbook Q. No 4 iii]
(iii)  The delta region of the eastern coast is frequently struck by cyclones. [Textbook Q. No 4 iv]
(iv)   Parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat and the leeward side of the Western Ghats are drought-prone. [Textbook Q. No 4 v]
Question.2: What is an ‘Equable Climate’? Give example.
Question.3: What is ‘Extreme Climate’? Give examples.
Question.4: What is ‘Rain Shadow’?
Question.5: What are the elements of Weather and Climate?
Question.6: Which place in India records the highest rainfall in the world?
Question.7: Which part of India experiences the highest range of temperature in a day?
Question.8: Name the season in which Eastern Coast (Coromondal) receives rainfall.
Question.9: What are Jet Streams?
Question.10: What are the reasons behind the disasters like flood, cyclones etc. along the coastal regions of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh?
Question.11: Why Chennai has more rains only after the fury of the monsoons is over in most parts of the country?
Question.12: Write short notes on:
(a) Loo
(b) Kaal Baisakhi
(c) Mango Shower
(d) Mahawat

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