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Class 9 Science - CBSE Guide NCERT Solutions


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with answers

Question.1: Which of the following contribute to green house effect ?
   (a)      Methane
   (b)      Carbon dioxide
    (c)      CFCs
   (d)      All of these.
Question.2: Who is popularly known as ‘water man’ ?
   (a)        Gajendra Singh
   (b)        Rajendra Singh
   (c)        Louis Pasteur
   (d)        Tej Singh
Question.3: Major component of the atmosphere on Mars and Venus is
   (a)        Carbon dioxide
   (b)        Oxygen
   (c)        Nitrogen
   (d)        Water vapour
Question.4: Which gas which plays major role in global warming -
 (a)        Carbon monoxide
 (b)        Nitrous oxide
  (c)        Carbon dioxide
 (d)        Sulphur dioxide
Question.5: Green house effect is caused by
    (a)        Green plants
    (b)        Infrared rays
    (c)        UV rays
    (d)        X-rays
Question.6: Which are sensitive to sulphur dioxide pollution ?
   (a)        Mosses
   (b)        Lichen
   (c)        Algae
   (d)        Ferns
Question.7: In a forest ecosystem green plants are
   (a)        Primary producers
   (b)        Primary consumers
   (c)        Consumers
   (d)        Decomposers
Question.8: All the components (elements) of life support system are
   (a)        Interrelated
   (b)        Interdependent
   (c)        Interconnected
   (d)        All the above.
Question.9: Biotic components of an ecosystem consists of
   (a)        Producers
   (b)        Consumers
   (c)        Decomposers
   (d)        All the above
Question.10: In nitrogen cycle which bacteria are responsible for nitrification ?
   (a)        Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter
   (b)        Clostridium
   (c)        Rhizobium
   (d)        Nitrosomonas
Question.11: The ozone layer blocks the
 (a)        Infrared radiations
 (b)        Sunlight
  (c)        UV rays
 (d)        None of these.
Question.12: Which is the major source of formation of soil ?
   (a)        River beds
   (b)        Glaciers
   (c)        Rocks
   (d)        Volcanoes
Question.13: The conversion of NO3 to N2 is known as
 (a)        Denitrification
 (b)        Nitrification
  (c)        Nitrogen fixation
 (d)        Ammonification
Question.14: Soil erosion can be prevented by
 (a)        Terrace farming
 (b)        Intensive cropping
  (c)        Afforestation
 (d)        All of these.
Question.15: In a natural ecosystem, decomposers include
    (a)        Microscopic organisms
    (b)        Algae
    (c)        Bacteria and fungi
    (d)        All plants.

Answer: 1-d. 2-b. 3-b. 4-c. 5-b. 6-b. 7-a. 8-d. 9-d. 10-a. 11-c. 12-c. 13-a. 14-d. 15-c.

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