Friction (Objective Questions) | Class 8, CBSE (NCERT) Science


Class VIII, NCERT (CBSE) Science

Chapter 12, FRICTION (Objective Questions)

Question.1: Fill in the blanks:
(i) Friction always works in _______ direction of motion of the surface.
(ii) Friction depends on the relative _________ between two surfaces.
(iii) _________ is also produced with friction.
(iv) Shape of the objects moving in the fluid is ______ to overcome friction exerted by the liquids.
(v) ________ are used in machines to protect their surfaces from wear due to friction.  
(vi) Soapy floor is slippery due to _______ friction.
(vii) Ball bearings are used to convert static friction into _______ friction.
(viii) Sliding friction is _______ than the static friction.
(ix) Friction increases with the increase in ________.
(x) ________ type of friction is the most powerful among all types of frictions.
Question.2: What causes friction between two surfaces?
Question.3: In which direction does friction work?
Question.4: What is done to tyres of the vehicles to reduce the friction? 
Question.5: What does friction produce?
Question.6: Name any machine where ball bearing is used to reduce friction.
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