Ncert Cbse Guide Class IX, Economics | The Story of Village Palampur – Hot Questions with Solution


Chapter 1, The Story of Village Palampur

Solutions of CBSE Hot Questions

(Class IX, NCERT Economics Guide)

Question.1: What are the factors of production (resources required for production)?

Question.2: What is the main production activity in Palampur?

Question.3: What is ‘multiple cropping’?

Question.4: Who are farm labourers?

Question.5: What are the differences between ‘multiple cropping’ and ‘modern farming methods’?

Question.6: What is Kishora’s fixed capital?

Question.7: Would you agree that the distribution of cultivated land is unequal in Palampur?

Question.8: What is ‘Fixed capital’?

Question.9: What is ‘Working capital’?

Question.10: What is ‘Green Revolution’?

Question.11: What is the aim of production?
Question.12: Name any three non-farm activities. How many people in Palampur are engaged in non-farm activities?
(Answers to be posted soon)

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