Chapter 2, Role of the Government in Health | Class VII, CBSE (NCERT) Civics (Social and Political Life - II)


Important Terms
Public Service: An activity or service that is meant for all people in the country and is mainly organized by the government like - schools, hospitals, telephone services etc.

Private Service: An activity or service that is organized by an individual or company for their own benefit is termed as a private service.

Communicable Diseases: These are the diseases that spread from one person to another in many ways such as through water, air, food etc are called Communicable Diseases e.g. Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B etc. 
Class VII, NCERT (CBSE) Social Science
Chapter-2, Social and Political Life - II
Textbook Exercise Solution
Important Questions only
Q.1: In this chapter you have read that health is a wider concept than illness. Look at this quote from the Constitution and explain the terms ‘living standard’ and ‘public health’ in your words. An important part of the Constitution says, “It is the duty of the State to raise the level of nutrition and the standard of living and to improve public health.”
Answer: Living standard - It means status of living. It defines the economic conditions of any country or any person. Living standard shows how much expense is being incurred towards our status of living.
Public Health - Health means our ability to remain free from illness and injuries and when these services are arranged by the government then it is called Public Health Services. They are linked together so that they cover they cover rural and urban areas.   
Q.2: What the different ways through which the government can take steps to provide healthcare for all. Discuss.   
Answer: In India private healthcare services and hospitals are more in practice. But due to these private hospitals being highly expensive, poor people can not afford to admit their patients to such hospitals. On the other hand government hospitals are much less in number and also not equipped properly and do not have good experienced doctors. Therefore to provide healthcare services for all, government should pass a regulation prohibiting private practice of doctors. Apart from this the different ways through which the government can take steps to provide healthcare for all are by following means -  
·         opening and maintenance of:
                         (a)         hospitals
                        (b)         healthcare center
                         (c)         primary health centre
                        (d)         dispensaries
                         (e)         family welfare centre
·         free camps of check-ups
·         free diagnosis centers
·         pulse polio and similar type special campaigns
·         health awareness programmes
·         workshops and seminars
·         Training camps.
Q.4: “Improvement in water and sanitation can control many diseases”. Explain with the help of examples.
Answer: In our country most of the diseases are caused due to contaminated water and poor sanitation. In tribal areas, there are shortage of water supply and lack of awareness about proper sanitation till today. People depend on the water of polluted rivers or ponds and suffer from lack of sanitation. These cause highly infectious diseases such as - diarrhea, malaria, cholera, jaundice, plague etc. If we follow clean sanitation and use purified water then we can easily control and avoid many of the above diseases.
Sample Questions
Q.1: What problems did Aman face in the Public Hospital ? How do you think the hospital can work in a better manner ? Discuss.
Various problems faced by Aman are -
1. Non-availability of doctors
2. Junked equipments
3. Non-availability of medicines
4. Too-much rush
5. Indifferent attitude of doctors towards patients, etc.
Proper administration and efficient management can get the hospitals work in better manner.

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