Class VII, NCERT (CBSE) Our Past II | Chapter 6, Towns, Trades and Crafts Persons


 Class 7, Towns, Trades and Crafts Persons 
(Sample Hot Questions)
Short type questions 
Q.1: What were the kinds of towns in the medieval period? Or, For what purposes towns were made in the medieval period?

Q.2: Give an account of administrative centers of the Chola Dynasty (in the medieval period), especially the Thanjavur.

Q.3: Describe temple-towns and pilgrimage centers.

Q.4: Why did European sailors undertake voyages to the Indian subcontinent in the 15th century? 

Q.5: Give an account of the Journey of Columbus.

Long type questions 
Q.1: Give an account of Hampi.  

Q.2: Describe Surat as a gate-way to the west.

Q.3: Describe the voyage of Vasco-da-gama.
See answers of these questions 

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