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CBSE Guide for Class VII, NCERT English Honeycomb

A Bicycle in Good Repair

Solutions of CBSE Sample Questions

Question.1: How did the narrator feel when his friend shook his bicycle violently? (or)

What was the feeling of the writer of this story when his friend shook his bicycle violently?

Solution: The narrator (writer) was hurt when his friend shook the bicycle violently. It is because his friend was hurting his bicycle for no apparent reason. He even told his friend, ”Don’t do that; you will hurt it”. Moreover, the right person to shake the bicycle was its owner, not an outsider.     

Question.2: “It is not only your skill that fascinates me”, commented the narrator. What was it that fascinated him?  
Solution: The narrator watched the drama of bicycle repairing as a helpless spectator. In the meantime he felt hurt also. Nevertheless he lauded two qualities of his friend: first, his self-confidence to do the job well and secondly, his robust hopefulness.

Question.3: Who do you think is the winner of the battle between man and machine (the bicycle)?
Solution: Actually man and machines are not really rivals or enemies. Man invented the machines to make life easy and comfortable. Machines serve man faithfully as long as they are looked after properly. Man is the creator while, machine is the executor. So there is no question of winning or loosing. A skilled mechanic gets good response and co-operation from the machine. The writer’s (narrator of this story) friend had to struggle with the bicycle for a couple of hours just because he was not a professional.    

 A Bicycle in Good Repair - NCERT Solutions 

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