CBSE Guide and Hot Questions - Class X, NCERT Economics - Consumer Rights



Class X NCERT Economics

CBSE Guide and solutions of CBSE Hot Questions

Question 1: Explain the significance of RTI in relation to consumers.

Question 2: Explain the consumer's 'right to choose'.

Question 3: Mention the demerits of consumer redressal process.

Question 4: What are the institutions setup under COPRA for the redressal of grievances?

Question 5: Why are details on the pack of a product given? Explain its significance.

Question 6: Why COPRA is enacted in India?

Question 7: What do you understand by consumer protection?

Question 8: How do the logos ISI, Agmark or Hallmark help consumers?

Question 9: What is adulteration?

Question 10: Mention a few organisations that provide certification of standardisation in India. What do you mean by ISO?

Question 11: What is the need for consumer awareness? (Need of consumer consciousness).

Question 12: What do you understand by the term 'Consumer Exploitation'? 

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