Ncert Science - Class 8, Cell - Structure and Functions, Answers of CBSE Sample Questions


Class 8, Science - CBSE Guide

Cell - Structure and Functions

Solutions of CBSE Sample Questions  

CBSE Short Answer Questions
Question.1: Define Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes.

Question.2: What is Protoplasm?

Question.3: Give three examples of unicellular organisms.

Question.4: Name the cell organelle which is found only in plant cell.

Question.5: What is the smallest cell size?

Question.6: What is the largest cell?

CBSE Long Answer Questions

Question.7: Why cell is known as structural and functional unit of life?

Question.8: Why are the mitochondria known as the power house of the cell?

Question.9: Why plasma membrane is called a selectively permeable membrane?

Question.10: Write a short note on the ‘shape of cells’ or ‘cell shape’.

Question.11: Write short notes on the following:
  1. Gene
  2. Chromosomes
  3. Organelles
  4. Vacuole
  5. Tissues
  6. Plastids.

Question.12: Why Plastids are said as ‘Kitchen of plant cells’?

Question.13: Differentiate between Plant cell and animal cell.

Question.14: Write a short note on ‘Nucleus of a cell’?

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