NCERT Contemporary India I - CBSE Class 9 Social Geography - Chapter 3, DRAINAGE - Addititonal Questions


Class IX, NCERT Geography - Contemporary India I

Lesson 3, DRAINAGE

Extra Study Material (sample questions)

Question.1: Which is the largest tributary of the Ganga?
Question.2: Which is the main watershed in Peninsular India?
Question.3: Define: (a) Oxbow lake, (b) Drainage, (c) Distributary, (d) Meandering and Meanders, (e) Delta, (f) Estuary, (g) Lake, (h) River.  
Question.4: Which river streams constitute the Northern Plains?
Question.5: What is the name of the important river found in the Indian desert?
Question.6: With which river Nagarjuna Sagar river valley project is associated?
Question.7: Which river originates from a place known as Beas Kund?
Question.8: Which river is known as the “sorrow” of west Bengal?
Question.9: Name the river(s) on which the Indira Gandhi canal has been built.
Question.10: Which river flows through Ladakh, Gilgit and Pakistan?  
Question.11: Name the river whose source lies near Rohtang Pass.
Question.12: Name the states through which river Mahanadi flows.
Question.13: Name the longest westward flowing river of Peninsular India. 
Question.14: What do you mean by ‘inland drainage’?
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