NCERT Guide - Class 8, Cbse Science, Microorganisms: Friends and Foe | Answers for CCE type sample guess questions



Class VIII, Science

Microorganisms - Friends and Foe

 Short type Sample Questions with their Answers

Question.1: Where are Microorganisms found?
Question.2: Which common diseases do viruses cause?
Question.3: Name diseases caused by protozoa?
Question.4: Name any two algae.
Question.5: Name any two protozoa.
Question.6: Name any two fungi.
Question.7: Name unicellular microbes.
Question.8: Name multi-cellular microbes.
Question.9: Which bacterium is responsible for the curding of milk?
Question.10: Which bacterium is used to produce alcohol?
Question.11: What do you mean by ‘Fermentation’? Who discovered the process of ‘Fermentation’?
Question.12: Which microorganism is not affected by antibiotics?
Question.13: Name certain diseases which can be prevented by vaccination?
Question.14: Name microorganisms which can fix atmospheric nitrogen.
Question.15: Name one free living bacteria and one blue green algae who fix nitrogen using oxygen from atmosphere.
Question.16: What are ‘Pathogens’?
Question.17: What are communicable diseases?
Question.18: Name an insect which is a common carrier of microbial diseases.
Question.19: Which microorganism causes diseases like measles, chicken pox, polio, hepatitis-B, etc?
Question.20: What are preservatives? Name two common preservatives.

Long type Sample Questions with their Answers

Question.1: Write a short note on ‘Nitrogen Fixation’.
Question.2: Explain the ‘Nitrogen Cycle’.
Question.3: What are the major groups of the microorganisms?

NCERT Solutions for science textbook chapter exercise

Microorganisms: Friends and Foe - Class 8, Science - NCERT CBSE textbook solutions of chapter exercise questions [Read]

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