Our Pasts III - How, When and Where | CBSE Class VIII History - NCERT solutions for sample questions


CBSE Board Class 8, NCERT History

Our Pasts III - Chapter 1, How, When and Where  

CBSE Guide - Solutions of CBSE Sample Questions

Question.1: Why do we continue to associate history with a string of dates?
Question.2: What is history? Why and how do we periodise a time in history? (What is Periodisation?)
Question.3: What is the meaning of ‘Colonization’ in history?
Question.4: According to historians what is the meaning of the term ‘Colonial’?
Question.5: Who were ‘Calligraphists’?
Question.6: By which criteria do we choose a set of dates as important?
Question.7: How old advertisements help us?
Question.8: What is survey? Give examples of different types of surveys conducted?
Question.9: What can a historian derive from surveys?

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