Class 8, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL LIFE III, Chapter 1- The Indian Constitution | Solutions of Ncert Cbse Social Science Civics Textbook Chapter Exercise


Chapter 1- The Indian Constitution

CBSE Board, Class VIII Social Science (Civics)


NCERT Solutions of Textbook Exercise Questions

(Only Important Questions, for more please refer to the Extra Study link given at the end of this post)

Q.1: Why does a democratic country need a Constitution?
Solution: In a democratic country, the people from every society irrespective of their social, religious, economic and cultural background have a direct role in electing their representatives who form the government. A democratic country need a constitution since it plays a crucial role in many aspects like -
1)    It lays out the important guidelines that govern decision making within the various societies of the country.
2)    It lays down the ideals that form the basis of the kind of country that its citizens aspire to live in.
3)    It serves as asset of rules and principles as the basis by which the country has to be governed.
4)    It provides rules to safeguard the interests of minorities and prevent any kind of domination by the majority on minorities.
5)    It lays down rules that guard against the misuse of power by any politician leader.
6)    It also provides rights to its citizens and protects their freedom.

Q.3: What would happen if there were no restrictions on the power of elected representatives?
Solution: In democracy people choose their leaders so that they can exercise power responsibly on their behalf. But there is always the possibility that these leaders might misuse their authority as per their wish which can not be allowed in democracy. This misuse of authority can result in gross injustice and breakdown of democratic system. Hence as a safeguard against the misuse of power by our political leaders it is necessary to have restriction on their power. 

Q.5: The column on the left has . . . . . .
Solution: Refer to the answers in our EXTRA section below.

Extra study:-
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