Class 10 Contemporary India II, CBSE - NCERT Social Science (Geography) | Chapter 1, Resources and Development - Question Bank

CBSE Class X, Geography - NCERT Contemporary India - II


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Question.1: Identify at least two resources from each category.

Question.2: Can you name some resource-rich but economically backward regions and some resources poor but economically developed regions. Give reasons for such a situations.  

Question.3: Why is conservation of resources important?

Question.4: The pattern of net sown area varies greatly from one state to another. It is over 80% of the total area in Punjab and Haryana and less than 10% in Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur and Andaman Nicobar Islands.
Find out reasons for the low proportion of net sown area in these states.   

Question.5: What are resources?

Question.6: Why are the human beings essential components of resources?

Question.7: How are the resources classified on the basis of origin and exhaustibility?

Question.8: Classify the resources on the basis of ownership and status of development.

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Resources and Development | Class X, NCERT (CBSE), Social Science (Geography) | Chapter 1, Contemporary India - II | Textbook Exercise Solution [Read]


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