Class X NCERT (CBSE) - Social Science (Geography) | Contemporary India - II

                           Class X, Contemporary India - II
                                      NCERT Geography Textbook (CBSE Syllabus)
NCERT Textbook Exercise Solution
Extra (Sample) Questions
Resources and Development
Forest and Wildlife Resources
Water Resources
Minerals and Energy Resources
Manufacturing Industries
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Life Lines of National Economy


swathi said...

plsssssssssssssssssssssss give me the notes of chapter 5

Swathi: Chapter 5 Minerals and Energy Resources given. We feel sorry as because of time constraints we are not being able to upload chapters at once. But then it is FREE and Beautiful. Is not that!!
Thanks for writing and Best wishes.

shafi al hilal said...

please preovide videos or animation of the lessons

please kindly provide the exercise question and answers of the chapter life lines of national economy of our geography book ..

Tanmay Agrawal said...

plz provide NCERT Textbook Exercise Solution of Life Lines of National Economy

umang mengi said...

plz give me chp 1key points

please provide notes for the lessons

Lucifer st. said...

Define the process of resource planing in India ????????? Plsssss say me the answer

Harshan KS said...

help me.........................................................

anamika said...

what is resource planning? why is it necessary?
please give answer to this question

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