Class 8, NCERT (CBSE) Social Science (Geography) | Resources [Chapter-1, Resources and Development]

Class VIII, Social Science (Geography)
NCERT Textbook Exercise Answers
Q.1: Answer the following questions.
(i) Why are resources distributed unequally over the earth?
(ii) What is the resource conservation?
(iii) Why are human resources important?
(iv) What is sustainable development?
(i) The distribution of natural resources depends upon a number of physical factors like terrain, climate and altitude. And these factors are not same everywhere and vary from place to place on the earth. Hence we find the distribution of resources unequal over the earth.
(ii) Using resources carefully and giving them time to get renewed is called resource conservation.
(iii) People are human resources and human resources are important because people can make the best uses of nature to create more resources by applying knowledge, skill and technology.  
(iv) Balancing the need to use resources and also conserve them for the future is called sustainable development. In other words, carefully utilizing resources so that besides meeting the present requirements it also takes care of the need of future generations is what is known as sustainable development.  
Q.2: Tick the correct answer.
(i) Which one of the following does not make substance a resource?
(a) utility (b) value (c) quantity
(ii) Which one of the following is a human made resource?
(a) medicines to treat cancer (b) spring water (c) tropical forests
(iii) Complete the statement.
Biotic resources are _______
(a) derived from living things
(b) made by human beings
(c) derived from non-living things
Ans: (i)-c (ii)-a (iii)-a.
Q.3: Differentiate between the following:
(a) Potential and Actual resources.
(b) Ubiquitous and Localized resources
(a) Differentiation between Potential and Actual resources
Potential Resources
Actual Resources
1. Potential resources are those resources whose entire quantity is not known.
2. They are not being used at present due to non-availability of technology to develop them.
3. For example, uranium in Ladakh.
1. Actual resources are those resources whose quantity is known.
2. They are being used at present with the existing technology.
3. For example, rich coal deposit in Ruhr valley of Germany, black soil in Deccan Trap of Maharashtra.
 (b) Differentiation between Ubiquitous and Localized resources
Ubiquitous Resources
Localized Resources
1. Ubiquitous resources are those resources which are found everywhere.
2. For example, land, water, air.
1. Resources found only in certain places are called localized resources.
2. For example, copper, bauxite, gold etc.
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