CBSE Biology Value Based Questions | Biology VBQs for CBSE Exams


CBSE Biology Value Based Questions (VBQs) 

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Question 1: Before finalizing an alliance between his son and Leela, Mr. Raman was curious to know what Leela’s blood group was. Nobody was interested in their blood groups since their horoscopes matched. Mr. Raman was adamant in wanting to know the blood groups before finalizing. The senior people got annoyed. But then Leela came forward to explain the reasons. Mr. Raman became happy and the marriage date was finalized.
a) Mr. Raman's refusal to accept only horoscopes shows certain values. What are they?
b) What effect on the foetus may be expected if the father has A+ and the mother O+ blood groups?
c) What is the possible remedy in case of an Rh factor incompatibility between the foetus and mother's blood?

Question 2: Mrs. Kavya was eager to know the sex of the foetus which her daughter-in-law was carrying. She was so anxious that she could pay any amount for that. The doctor refused to disclose the result of the test.
a) What value did the doctor show?
b) How can one know the sex of the foetus? How is it done?
c) Why is disclosing the sex of the foetus banned in our country?

Question 3: Sonali is a bright girl with fair complexions. Her parents are dark complexioned. Her friends in college regularly passed remarks teasing her how she was so fair or what treatment she had undergone to become fair. At times Sonali got irritated at their repeated embarrassing questions. Once her friend Srijita came to her support and invited her friends to the Biology lab where she explained the process of inheritance of body colour. The friends realized their mistake and stopped teasing Sonali.
a) What good values did Srijita reflect from her deeds?
b) What is the name of the inheritance pattern discussed?
c) Which other characters in human follow the same pattern?
d) Explain how Sonali could be fairer than her parents.

Question.4: During an excursion to a botanical garden, the teacher shows an old tree which was on the verge of extinction. As soon as the teacher advanced with the students, some enthusiastic climbed up the tree and started cutting the branches, collecting its leaves as precious collection. Rajesh instead took photographs of the tree from various angles. The boys mocked at Rajesh while the teacher appreciated him.
(a) What values did Rajesh possess?
(b) Why should we conserve biodiversity?
(c) How can be biodiversity be conserved?

Question.5: A snake charmer came to the house and smelled the presence of a cobra which the residents had never seen in the last 10 years. The landlord agreed to allow the man to search, catch and take away with him the snake. But his little son Dennis disagreed and drove the man away.
(a) Do you think Dennis did the right thing? How do you value his action?
(b) What importance do snakes have in nature?
(c) Draw a food web showing the place of snakes.

Question.6: Seeing some students gathering in a corner of the school compound, the Principal rushed to enquire about the matter and found some children beating and chasing a small monitor lizard. On seeing the Principal, all the children fled to their classes except Vipul who requested the Principal to arrange for some medical assistance for the injured animal. The Principal rewarded the student.
(a) Do you think Vipul an indisciplined boy who did not run to the class on seeing the Principal? What values does the act promote?
(b) How do endangered species differ from vulnerable species?
(c) Mention the factors resulting in loss of biodiversity/extinction.

Question.7: During a visit to a government office with his father, young Pratap saw dirty spittoons in every corner of the building. Some people were spitting paan and gutka through the window grills. As soon as he objected to their action, Pratap was scolded by some persons and the quarrel between the two parties became aa master of concern. The very next week Pratap was amazed to see the walls cleaned, no spittoons and a notification hung to maintain cleanliness and hygiene inside the office. The officer appreciated Pratap.
(a) What values are promoted through the incidence?
(b) Which diseases are transmitted through droplets and air?
(c) How does chewing paan or gutka cause health hazard?

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