Class 9, Contemporary India-I, India - Size and Location | Ncert Cbse Geography sample questions


Class IX, NCERT (CBSE) Social Science – Geography Guide

Chapter 1, Contemporary India-I

India - Size and Location

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Q.1: Define the terms: (a) Subcontinent (b) Indian Standard Time 

Q.2: Why do we need a standard meridian for India? Explain.

Q.3: Account for the two hours time difference between the two eastern and western extremities of India. Or,
        When the sun has already risen in Arunachal Pradesh, it is still dark in Gujarat, why? 

Q.4: Reason out why the difference between the duration of day and night is hardly felt at Kanyakumari but it is not so in Kashmir.

Q.5: Which is the southern-most point of the Indian Union?

Q.6: Give reasons: Why India is often referred to as a subcontinent?

Q.7: Why 82O30’E has been selected as the Standard Meridian of India?
(Answers to be given soon)
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