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CBSE Board | Class IX Understanding Economics
(As per NCERT – CBSE – CCE examination pattern)
Solutions of Sample Questions
Answer Q.1: Population becomes human capital when an investment is made on it in the form of education, training, and medical care.   
Answer Q.2: Human capital is the stock of skill and knowledge of production embodied in them.
Answer Q.3: Economic activities have been divided into three different sectors: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.  
Answer Q.4: Infant Mortality Rate is the number of babies died among 1000 babies under one year age. In other words, it is the death rate of a child under one year age.     
Answer Q.5: Death Rate is the number of people who die for every 1000 people during a particular period of time.   
Answer Q.6: Birth Rate is the number of babies born for every 1000 people during a particular period of time.      
Answer Q.7: Generally three factors – (i) Literacy rate (ii) Health (iii) Skill

Answer Q.8: Causes of unemployment:
1. Ever increasing population,
2. Low economic growth rate,
3. Defects in educational system,
4. Comparatively lower growth rate in the industrial and service sectors,
5. Migration of people from rural to urban areas,
6. Use of outdated technology, and
7. Slow growth in agricultural sector.
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