Class VIII, NCERT English Guide - Honeydew - Answers of CBSE Sample Questions on the lesson The Best Christmas Present in the World


CBSE Class VIII English - NCERT Guide

Honeydew, The Best Christmas Present

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Question.1: Imagine that you are Jim. You have returned to your town after the war. In your diary record how you feel about the changes you see and the events that occur in your town. You could begin like this
25 December, 1919.
It’s Christmas today, but the town looks …..
Question.2: Suppose you are Jim. You are in a dilemma. You don’t whether to disclose your identity and disappoint the old lady or let her believe that her dear Jim has come back. Write a letter to a friend highlighting your anxiety, fears and feelings.  
Question.3: What did the Germans call out and how did the English respond to it?
Question.4: Who of the two armies took the initiative for celebrating the Christmas together? How did they begin it?  
Question.5: How was the atmosphere on that Christmas morning which Jim describes in his letter?

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