Soil, NCERT (CBSE) Class 7 Science | CCE type Sample questions with answers


Class 7, NCERT (CBSE) Science

Chapter 9, Soil

CBSE Guide - CBSE Sample Questions Answers

Short answer CBSE Questions (1 mark question)
Q.1: What are the important constituents of soil?

Q.2: Define:
    (a)           Soil profile
   (b)            Humus
   (c)            Soil
Q.3: Give one feature of well aerated soil.
Q.4: What are the factors that influence soil formation?
Long answer CBSE Questions (3 – 4 mark questions)
Q.1: What are the organic and inorganic components of soil?
Q.2: List out the various types of vegetation grown on different types of soil.
Q.3: What is soil profile? Discuss the layers found in the soil profile.
Objective type CBSE Questions (1 mark questions)
Q.1: Fill in the blanks:
 (a)    Soil is formed by ______ of rocks.
 (b)    A dark soil is usually rich in ________.
 (c)    Soil erosion can be stopped by ____.
(d)    ______ soil is used to make pots, toys and statues.
 (e)    _______ portion of soil contains air.
  (f)    Percolation rate of water is highest in _____ soil and least in ____ soil.
(g)    The proportion of sand, silt and clay in a soil sample determines ________ of soil.
(h)    Particle size of sandy soil range between _______.
  (i)    Particle size greater than 2.0 mm is known as ______.
  (j)    Deep ploughing and over grazing can cause ______.

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