Glimpses of the Past - 8, NCERT English Honeydew - Answers of Cbse Sample Questions


Class 8, English, Honeydew

Glimpses of the Past  

Solutions of Ncert Cbse Sample Questions

QUESTION: Give two reasons that helped the British to extend their power in India in 18th century.

QUESTION: Name a single important change brought by Lord Macaulay in the education in India.

QUESTION: How did the British cripple the Indian industry?

QUESTION: What was the main reason for revolt in the East India Company?

QUESTION: How did Kunwar Singh of Bihar show bravery while fighting with the British? Or
                     Give an incidence of bravery shown by old Kunwar Singh while fighting with the British.  

QUESTION: The religious leaders in India used to preach some bogus practices in the latter half of the 17th century. What were these practices?  

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Class 8, English, Glimpses of the Past - Cbse Ncert solutions of Honeydew [Read]

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