Contemporary India - II, Chapter 3 Water Resources | NCERT - CBSE Class X Geography | Important Questions


Class 10 NCERT - CBSE Social Science (Geography)
 Sample Questions
Q.1: Suggest some measures to conserve water. OR
Write a short proposal on how you can conserve water. OR
How water can be conserved?
Q.2: Give examples to show that water harvesting was practiced in ancient times also.
Q.3: Give some objectives of rain water harvesting.
Q.4: Which is the only state in India where all the houses have rooftop rain water harvesting system?
Q.5: Name some of the states in India where rain water harvesting is practiced.
Q.6: What is the term used for rain water harvesting in Rajasthan?
Q.7: What is a multipurpose river valley project?
Q.8: Give the percentage of water that exists in oceans and as fresh water out of the total volume of the world’s water?
Q.9: Give the distribution of fresh water on the earth’s surface.  
Q.10: What is the Bamboo Drip Irrigation system? In which state of India do we find this type of irrigation?
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