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Congruence of Triangles (Chapter 7.1) | Class VII, NCERT (CBSE) Mathematics

Class VII, NCERT (CBSE) Mathematics
Text Book Exercise 7.1 Solution
(Page 137)
Q.1: Complete the following statements:
(a) Two line segments are congruent if __________.
(b) Among two congruent angles, one has a measure of 70°; the measure of the other angle is __________.
(c) When we write ∠A = ∠ B, we actually mean __________.
(a) They have the same length
(b) 70°
(c) m ∠A = m ∠B
Q.3: If ΔABC ≅ ΔFED under the correspondence ABC ↔ FED, write all the Corresponding congruent parts of the triangles.
If these triangles are congruent, then the corresponding angles and sides will be equal to each other.
∠A ↔ ∠F
∠B ↔ ∠E
∠C ↔ ∠D
CBSE | NCERT Solution: Class VII Math

Q.4: If ΔDEF ≅ ΔBCA, write the part(s) of ΔBCA that correspond to
(i) ∠E (ii)
cbse-ncert-solution.blogspot(iii) ∠F (iv) Class VII Math Solution

(i) ∠C (ii) 
Class VII Math Solution(iii) ∠A (iv)  


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